Contract Management from turnkey to discrete engagement Commerical Management at all levels assisting you to achieve your business goals Strategic and day to day project management helping you to deliver your projects on time, within budget and to specification
  Cost effective dispute avoidance and resolution within ADR, arbitration and litigation Providing clear expertise and experience in quantum as Expert Witness required to assist tribunals
    Quantum and quality surveying services, pre- and post-contract, helping you and your team to deliver your project

Strategic Project Management as a high-level and all-encompassing approach to the delivery of a project.


Strategic Project Management

description of the imageWhether you’re looking to build your first industrial facility or enter into a complex sub-contract, you need to have a clear overall view of your approach and strategy for delivery. Through Strategic Project Management, we are able to help guide you through important early decisions and set you and your project on the right track.

We can help with strategic thought processes to give your project shape. This can include assessments of risk, assessments of time and initial budgetary assumptions. Using our experience within the Construction Industry, we can also guide you through contract selection, formulation of contracts and help with the allocation of risks, responsibilities and rewards through your chosen procurement methods and supply chain.

Employing Strategic Project Management at the outset ensures that you deliver the project you want in the most economic manner, while minimising waste through varied and aborted work.

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