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Effective sequencing, planning and programming of work activities to identify the most effective delivery of a project in terms of time and resource usage.


Programming, Planning and Control

description of the imageProjects are often complicated endeavours that involve the bringing together of significant and varied resources, then putting these to work to deliver a shared goal. Whether you are building a house or constructing a stadium, specialists will need to be found and engaged in as efficient a manner as possible.

Effective Planning, Programming and Control is essential, forming the backbone of successful project delivery. Planning, Programming and Control enables you to:

  • Establish and plan what you are going to do – establish what resources you need at the outset and when you will need them.
  • Manage what you are going to do – using core tools and management processes, sequence and control the project.
  • Benchmark on completion what you have done – provide benchmarks to help identify what changes occurred and when they occurred.

Drawing on our experience within the Construction Sector, we are able to provide expertise in the planning and programming field and can help as follows:

Project start

For end users, we can help establish an overall project plan, identifying key constraints, delivery methodologies, processes and overall time frames. Such planning can form a benchmark for a project, can help establish costs and time – should you be seeking funding – and can help establish the overall viability of a project. For the Supply Chain, where you are tendering for works packages, we can help identify discrete work activities, time frames where work is to be delivered and provide clarity on the obligations and constraints that you are required to cover within your contract.

Project delivery

We can provide effective monitoring, control and reporting processes throughout the delivery of a project, ensuring that the two goals of delivering the works in a planned fashion and maintaining contemporary records of resource usage are both met.

Project independent

We can provide detailed forensic planning services, investigating planning matters such as adequacy of Project Programmes, Programme Changes and detailed Delay Analysis. We can help you identify where change has occurred and where responsibility for such changes may lie.

Our team is equipped with extensive project delivery experience and has high-level experience in the development and management of Project Programmes and their associated Project Works. We are able to provide tailored programming support within various disciplines, for example, programme and progress reporting within NEC forms of contract, network analysis and establishment of Critical Path. We can also undertake detailed analyses using recognised computational methods, such as delay analysis using ‘As-Built But For’ processes or disruption analysis utilising the ‘Measured Mile’ approach. Our team is also equipped with industry-standard tools operating in the Primavera P3 and P6 environments.

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