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Data Modelling through computer simulations to communicate complex physical methodologies.


Data Modelling

Spatial Modelling is rapidly becoming an important tool in the construction industry. It has many uses including providing computer-generated models of different aspects of a project, with or without animation, and 2D or 3D drawings, for example, to demonstrate a project’s progress over time. This can be invaluable in providing simulations to assist with:

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

Demonstrate to the Public or any other interested parties the visual impact of a scheme from any location or viewing angle.


Demonstrate to the Client or End Users that proposed methods of Construction meet specific contract requirements.

Check on design

Highlight clashes or pinch points that may exist in the design and construction of the Project.

Computation of quantities

Provide a quick and efficient way to calculate areas and volumes.

Dispute Resolution

Provide an animated display of actual 'as-built' construction versus the expected tender method. This can be linked to the as-built programmes to demonstrate the actual progress achieved on any particular day against the anticipated tender progress. It can also be used to demonstrate effects on particular programme events such as problems with access or enforced changes to construction methods.


Our team has experience and expertise in this new and developing field, which can help you to communicate clearly the complex methodologies to non-technical members of your chosen audience.

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