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Investigation and analysis of business performance as part of an acquisition or disposal process.


Business Acquisition and Disposal

Throughout the ebb and flow of business operations there may come a time when your business is best served by the acquisition of new capability or the divesting of parts of the business you no longer consider as ‘core’ operations. With acquisitions in particular you may be faced with making significant financial commitments to a new business stream with only a small window of opportunity, as part of a due diligence process, to fully review and understand the risks, the opportunities and other associated commitments and obligations tied to the investment.

Drawing on our track record of acquisition, disposal and analysis, we can help you through:

Detailed Business Analysis

Review of business operations, capability and understanding their interaction and contribution to overall business performance.

Detailed Risk Analysis

Detailed and forensic analysis of risk & opportunity existing within the proposition.

Detailed Audit 

Study and report on performance to date with projections on future outcomes. Investigations would include a review of possible future liabilities, with benchmarking against equivalent businesses and practices, to establish projections and estimates of future performance.

Detailed Reporting

Presentation of findings to key decision makers in clear, concise and detailed terms to help you make the most informed investment decisions as possible.

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